Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

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Kingsglaive is set during the events of Final Fantasy XV.

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  • MachineCultist

    Their voices are too recognizable. It ruins the movie.

  • MachineCultist

    Anyone expecting these JRPG’s with the FF brand slapped on that SE pumps out to deliver a real FF experience isn’t a FF fan. Us fans know the series died with XII when Sakaguchi was forced out of the company after the merger (take over) of Squaresoft.

    • 420praiseit

      Ahh yes 12. Golden ps2 era memories.

  • Blue

    Why wasn’t this in the game? Would have been so awesome if you could have played as Ulric for a bit, Laguna-style. Also would help the game make a bit more sense.

  • Gr33kshuffler .

    Thumbs up if you finished the Game!