Maken ki – Episode 1

This video may be dead, so please be patient while it is reuploaded.

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  • Jeff The Killer

    I wonder what she saw there…. :3

    • YellowThunderKawaii


      • ErenYeagar

        Hmmm the world has surpassed the cumming of ages (Oops misspelt that hehe)

    • Shardan

      go to the end of the credits to find out

  • tritonCore

    isn’t this series practically porn

    • tritonCore

      -cough cough- im sorry, ecchi-hentai

      • zerosteel45

        is that really problem now? hehe

        • tritonCore

          only when you’re done fapping

          • zerosteel45

            One is never truely done fapping

          • tritonCore

            take all my money

          • Shido Itsuka


          • ErenYeagar

            You can only stop fapping when the fapping is done for you!

          • ErenYeagar

            You can only stop fapping when the fapping is done for you!

          • zerosteel45

            or you know you…mmm Cum.

          • or when your girlfriend walks in

    • ErenYeagar

      Ecchi-practically softcore

  • zerosteel45

    Da mc.. i like his voice its.. nice

  • zerosteel45

    Can she be any more obvious i mean GOD damn you can see it from SPACE!!

    • “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I’m in space!” 😛

  • Chris Robet

    That is Saske’s from Naruto curse mark isn’t it?

    • carly b 456

      I wonder

  • ErenYeagar

    Normally something to to with the upload so don’t blame it!!!

  • Yamato Kurosawa

    i hope Mei dont catch me watching this >:3 its only for the plot I swear!

  • Flammenwurst

    Is his special power the ability to steal other peoples souls?

  • Roger Villatoro

    About 9 minutes in we see a curse mark and learn this is all Orichimaru’s doing.

  • Pawblem

    I wonder how accurate the dubbing is.

  • Dank Pingu

    “Accidental” boob grab making him look like a pervert.
    Unnecesary panty shots