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StreamMoe player doesn't work!

Refresh the video page before doing anything! If a video is left idle too long its session will expire.

Please ensure that your browser and flash version are up to date.
This is a new player and there are bound to be bugs but do not make an empty report that doesn’t describe the problem, it will be ignored.
Please be prepared for us to ask questions to you via email on the issue to get it resolved.

Please provide information in your report such as:

  • Your browser and operating system (or mobile device and browser)
  • Your country, province or state.
  • Any error messages that were displayed if possible.
  • Anything you did that led up to the problem.

How can I fullscreen this video? I can't see any buttons!

Well Google recently moved their fullscreen button for some weird totally-not-to-make-it-inconvenient reason.
You need to click on that gray button (on the top right) to pop it out and go fullscreen.

Video says 'No Preview Available: Playbacks exceeded'

If you see this message, please click on the “Report Video” button on that post, or send us a message.

The video on the Flash player is choppy/skipping/showing a green screen.

This method may show visible results but it’s not guaranteed.

Right click on the tree image below and click on “Settings”. A window should appear in the image.
On the first tab (Display tab), uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration” and click “Close”. Restart your browser and it’s done!

Video ain't showing up. I get a blank page.

Did you check all the mirrors too? Well then, this usually happens when…the video is actually dead. Click on the “Report Video” button on that post and let us know about it!

Video just ain't playing. I tried everything.

Did you try all the mirrors? If none of them work, click on the “Report Video” button on that post, or just let us know here.

How do I watch videos on my tablet?

Most of the new anime episodes have tablet compatible players. Just click on the mirrors and see if any of the players show up. If they do, just hit play!
As an alternative, some episodes have mobile/download links under the video. Just click on those links to play them.
If none of it works, contact us.

How do I watch videos on my phone?

Most of the new anime episodes have mobile compatible players. Just click on the mirrors and see if any of the players show up. If they do, just hit play!
As an alternative, some episodes have mobile/download links under the video. Just click on those links to play them.
If none of it works, contact us.

How can I get Adobe Flash to work on my mobile device?

If you prefer to have Flash player on your device then we will show you how to do it here!
«However, we still recommend you to use the HTML5 player for the best viewing experience on Anime Haven.»

[Android Devices]

Method One – Photon Flash Browser:

This browser will allow you to view Flash content but will not provide Flash support for all your other browsers. If you want Flash support for your entire device, please read Method Two below.

  1. Click here to go to the Google Play Store page or search “Photon Flash Browser” on Play Store.
  2. Install and enjoy!

Method Two – Complete Flash Support:

This will provide Flash support for all your browsers but it is not as optimized as Method One. We advise you to have Android 3.1 or above.

  1. Download this file on your phone: install_flash_player_ics.apk
  2. Make sure to enable installation of third-party apps on your device in Settings > Security > Unknown sources. (You may disable this after completing the installation.)
  3. Go to your download directory and install the file. You should now have Flash support on your browsers!

[iOS Devices]

These browsers will allow you to display Flash content on iOS devices but these apps are not free!

If you encounter any problems, contact [email protected] and I will be happy to help out!

How do I download videos?

Some anime episodes and movies have download links under the video.
You can just right click these links, and select “Save Link As” to download them.

How do I become staff?

Just ask. We don’t bite. It would help if you’ve done any video editing or uploading before. But hey, if you’re willing to learn, that’s a plus.

How can I contact you fine folks?

Well you’re in luck. We happen to have a page just for that very purpose. Ain’t that handy?
Contact us here.

  • Evan Stanley

    Could you guys at least TRY to get this website to work? Like holy fuck the amount of advertisements is unreal, I used to be able to exit them all out but now it’s impossible for most; thus slowing the loading of every page I click onto and preventing me from watching anything.

    And I know for a fact it’s because of the ads because it says on each page that it’s “waiting for advertisment so-and-so” for loading. Shit is ridiculous, if you don’t want me to like your webiste anymore then you’ve certainly succeeded…

    • Jayden Robinson

      They have to make money some how, and it isnt slow because of ads. It is because of shitty servers and hosts used to store and proccess 1000+ videos. They arent going to get rid of the ads because if they did the website wouldnt stay up. The slowness is also caused by shitty internet so check that before you come bitching.

  • thegovernment

    i get that we all have to make money… and quite frankly don’t mind closing popups every other click unless i get a virus. but why does it seem to take you guys so long to re-upload downed videos?

  • xPredator_hd
  • Deftoy

    The site is so slow lately… Such a pitty since this is the best anime site on the web. If you guys need better servers, ask for donations or something…

  • cero

    this is the best anime site ive ever visited i just hope they find the time to fix it. I cant find another as good as this one>.<

  • koneko-chan

    the servers have benn the lowest for the last two weeks i can hardly stream anything i get constantly blocked by the same stuff as xPredator posted below. Fix the damn servers

    Sidequestion: Are Animehaven and moe stream related to each other ?

    Sidequestion: the New tiwikiwi player doesn’t support Full hd only 720p even if its listed as 1080

  • TheDarkWolf

    Every day for a number of months i have had to sit and spam reload just to load 1 page and that page isn’t an episode and I have to do this for every page…. what is going on with this site? It has just gone down hill so damn fast, once there was no adds now every time i click one pops open and now this is happening

  • Alex

    Any chance of the Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes coming back (dubbed or subbed)? For one of the most popular anime of all time, I’m surprised the page is dead.

  • Jake Foster

    I went on Tokyo Ghoul season 2 and it says this file was deleted, and like i was wondering if they deleted it or its just being stupid because honestly if they deleted it i’m really, really upset.

  • Jayden Robinson

    Two words: ad income. They have to make money, the site has gone downhill so that should tell you something is up. more popups and ads means more money. They would need more money so they can upgrade their shit.

  • Amethyst M.

    How do I get my cursor to disappear from the screen?

  • stupidguy30