Kino’s Journey: The Beautiful World

Alternative titles:
Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World
Kinos Journey
Kino`s Travels: The Beautiful World
Viaje de Kino: El Maravilloso Mundo
Прекрасный мир кинопутешествия
Путешествие Кино - прекрасный мир
Podróż Kino
Kino no tabi
Kino`nun Seyahati: Güzel Dünya
Călătoria lui Kino: Lumea frumoasă
Пътуването на Кино - Прекрасният Свят
Подорож Кіно ~Прекрасний світ~
Kino`s Journey
キノの旅 -the Beautiful World-
Kino`s Journey: The Beautiful World
L`Odyssée de Kino
Kinos resa
המסע של קינו
سفرهای کینو: دنیای زیبا

Episodes: 13
Genres: , ,
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: April 8, 2003
Watch: English Sub


Based on a hit light novel series by Keiichi Sigsawa, the philosophical Kino’s Journey employs the time-honored motif of the road trip as a vehicle for self-discovery and universal truth. Deeply meditative and cooler than zero, the series follows the existential adventures of the apt marksman Kino along with talking motorcycle Hermes as they travel the world and learn much about themselves in the process. Imaginative, thought-provoking, and sometimes disturbing, Kino’s journey is documented in an episodic style with an emphasis on atmosphere rather than action or plot, though still prevalent.