Anastasia (1997)

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IMDb Rating: 7.1/10 Genres:  Adventure, Drama Plot:  When the dark shadow of revolution falls on the house of the Romanovs, the royal family’s youngest daughter, Anastasia, barely escapes the siege. Ten years later the Grand Duchess knows herself only by the name Anya due to amnesia caused by hitting her head that night. But Anya holds memories of a past which was full of palaces and parties. In order to discover more about this past, she travels to Paris with two con men, Dimitri and Vladimir, who plan on passing her off as Anastasia to collect the reward money offered by the Dowager Empress for the return of her granddaughter. But what they don’t realize is that they have the real Anastasia? And what’s worse, Rasputin, former confidant to the Tsar, will not rest until he sees the last Romanov dead.

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