School Days

Alternative titles:
School Days
Школьные дни
Szkolne dni
أيام المدرسة
Dias de Escola
Dias Escolares
Okul Günleri
Zilele Şcolii
Училищни дни
Шкільні дні

Episodes: 15
Genres: , , ,
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: July 4, 2007
Watch: English Sub


Unknowingly about to be caught in the middle of a horrfic web of love triangles, Makoto Ito is a young Japanese high school student beginning his second term at Sakakino Academy. During his daily train-rides to and from school, he becomes infatuated with fellow student Kotonoha Katsura; a girl that also commutes. When a new classmate acquaintance of his, Sekai Saionji, discovers his secret crush on Kotonoha, she helps introduce both of them to each other and over time they grow closer and agree to date. However, in spite of her proud and triumphant matchmaking efforts, Sekai inadvertently becomes jealous of the new couple, having also developed feelings toward Makoto. Chaotic love affairs then ensue, causing scars to be left and many hearts to be broken…

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