Armed Girl’s Machiavellianism – Episode 3

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  • Sorkai

    Sick tits

  • Alex Wagner(The List)

    observations on the anime so far:
    1. Feel like the green hair will end up being the scariest of the lot
    2. Rumors really got out of hand
    3. Nomura is going to end up sparking a male rebellion at this rate
    4. Shrine girl has a pretty good sonar
    5. Books are the best weapon ever, beat your enemies, and entertain you after

    • Redwolffe97

      i think you missed one Alex, i’ll get it for ya
      6. Rin and Fencing girl are now attracted to Nomura

      • Alex Wagner(The List)

        yeah, I just figured it was obvious enough I’d try to find others first

        • Redwolffe97

          fair enough, but i will say, you have very excellent points on this anime, i’m being serious too

    • Kaito Honne Ren’Jin

      The green haired girl will do something to cause more chaos than this if im not wrong on the color tone on the manga

      • Alex Wagner(The List)

        oh you got the right girl, read the manga myself up until her part starts up, then anime came out so its on hold

  • Redwolffe97

    “no more victims” are you shitting me last time i checked it was Girls:0 Pervert:4 and your saying “no more victims” dear god, someone kill me cause after that scene with whip girl we can now safely assume the score is now Girls:0 Pervert:7 and now Fencing girl is losing it because she’s not cuter than Miss Rin or something and now i’m stuck on who i should give a point to after that fight, does it go to the Girls or the Pervert?

    • White Seal Ryu

      technicaly to the pervert as she admitted defeat to him by… *ahem*… “offering” herself to him
      but theoreticaly also 3 points to the pervert.
      if rin didnt haste him, he woundn’t have the accident of exposing his… sword…
      and he also beat fencing girl… and kinda also whip mcgee soo…
      Girls:0 Pervert:10?

  • Box_Of_Demons

    Anime not found….! WTF