Blue Exorcist (Season 2) – Episode 11

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  • Nikoxine

    Well shit. That’s an ending if weve ever seen one.
    Now we got to finish the series again!

    • Infinitydefined

      ? what do you mean ending? theres going to be more

  • Infinitydefined

    I’m hard now.

  • Spzatak

    Episode 12: Character development meme

  • Red

    Does anyone know if the next episode will be canon or not?

    • Benzaiten

      the preview pics looked canon and the arc isn’t quite finished yet in the manga so I assume the whole episode will be canon as well.

  • Crazyirishman

    Yukio is a biggity bitch

  • Benzaiten

    it’s funny how Nietzsche’s quote “…and if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” applies far more to yukio than to rin. while rin definitely had his problems with his powers, identity and heritage and will likely continue to struggle some more he’s also sure of himself, accepting of everything. on the other hand yukio is the one who doesn’t accept his weakness, his all and is far more likely to fall into the aforementioned abyss. I’m glad shura and rin are by his side and probably able to save him from the worst of it.

  • Godrick

    First episode thats actually good in season 2.