Clockwork Planet – Episode 3

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  • Redwolffe97

    i better start writing down on what not to say to the little boy with a killer robot, plus Dr. blonde child i think there’s always time for a romantic comedy

    • Alex Wagner(The List)

      very true on both accounts

  • acopollo

    for some reason i absolutely love this show
    however its still not all that great
    still love it tho

    • Antoine Lowray

      The manga is better

      • acopollo

        i might think about checking that out then

  • Alex Wagner(The List)

    observations on the anime so far:
    1. If RyuZU is the weakest, scary to think what the strongest can do
    2. Different to see clockwork as power for everything, instead of steam/magic/etc.
    3. The reactions given by the characters are very appropriate
    4. Slightly better hearing doesn’t even begin to cut it when describing his ability
    5. Noise canceling headphones or not, how on earth has he not gone deaf from being nest to the explosions?

  • Alex Rider

    3rd episode has been up for a while now. I just watched it on youtube