The Familiar of Zero (Season 3) – Episode 12

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I like puns. Puns are fun. Especially people are done. And I make them run. Throw puns in a ton. Like I'm aiming a gun. Even though I got none. I got my puns in the bun. All ready in a zip gun. Shooting all my favorite ones. Don't worry son. I'll get you one by one.
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  • Wendy Marvell

    I like the face the principal gave at the end

  • Hunt hunt

    I wonder what natsu (from the anime fairy tail) would do in gandulfs position it would be funny to see a dragon slaer bet the hell out of sum of the bad guys

    • Ethan Henry


  • Coyote Bongwater

    fuck a you colbert, you pacifist piece of gobshyte

  • Coyote Bongwater

    gr0w some f0king balls

    • b0ss

      b0ss I have a cancer

      • Coyote Bongwater

        ay b0ss

  • Coyote Bongwater

    lma0 the “great spear” is a fucking AA gun

  • Coyote Bongwater

    were do these “UhristoCraps” get these names

  • Palmtop Tiger

    i love how Tabitha says *snuggle* when she grabs his arm

    • dan the man

      me too <3333333333333

    • somerandomguy

      she’s so cute.

  • dan the man

    wtf is tabitha doing

  • somerandomguy

    congratulations to louise for once again getting in the way and making a nuisance of herself.

  • Swoopie

    And the name-calling dog gets worse every time

  • Supah Speedz (オタク皇帝)

    fuck was that?

  • Hideki

    Done with S3, now OVA then S4.

  • Wildtalon71

    Aaaannd… Tabitha is added to the harem!

  • DarkMasterofEverythingEroge


  • Maz

    “I will now give you your punishment for trespassing into Gallia”
    What a wonderful plot twist it would have been if Henrietta had pulled out a knife and slashed Louise’s throat.