The Familiar of Zero (Season 3) – Episode 9

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I like puns. Puns are fun. Especially people are done. And I make them run. Throw puns in a ton. Like I'm aiming a gun. Even though I got none. I got my puns in the bun. All ready in a zip gun. Shooting all my favorite ones. Don't worry son. I'll get you one by one.
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  • Wendy Marvell

    I just noticed that the guy who draws this isn’t good at drawing hands

  • somerandomguy

    seriously?!? she keeps kicking him in the nuts for things that aren’t his fault.

    • Adi (AFTP)

      bruh shes kicking him in the nuts for staring lewdly i think thats reason enough i mean a red face and drool = lewd thoughts

  • Swoopie

    Ahhhh, the connections makes sense.

  • Supah Speedz (オタク皇帝)

    Fuck Was That?

  • Hideki

    C’mon We all knew Illococoo was the dragon right?!?!? Anyone?

    • Shiroe Master of Strategy

      Her hair is the same color as the dragon, she fell out of the sky naked, and her name meant “swift as the wind”, so I thought it was very obvious even before she “went to get a witness” and disappeared and the dragon appeared.

      Also her drawing style is slightly different (her shading, coloring, and animation style makes her seem more 2 dimensional or flatter and a little bit more “cartoony”) than all the other characters which in other shows is an indication that something is off, strange, or different about that character from all the rest. I’m a geek that took art classes for several years and pretty much an otaku, so yeah… =P

      Although I also took courses of AutoCAD, Electronics, Physics, Computer Science, Writing, Literature, Speech, History, Government, and Political Science for many years so I’m pretty well rounded all about.

  • DarkMasterofEverythingEroge

    In the intro louise walks off a cliff… PLEASE LET IT END THAT WAY

    • DarkMasterofEverythingEroge

      Also more screen time for malicorn 😀 HOORAY FOR CHUBBY KIDS!

  • Maz

    Highlight of this episode was Saito getting raped by the chubby guy at the start