Yona of the Dawn

Alternative titles:
Akatsuki no Yona: The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn
Иона на заре
Akatsuki no Yona
暁のヨナ -The girl standing in the blush of dawn-
Yona of the Dawn
princesse de l`aube
Йон А - момичето на утринната свежест

Episodes: 24
Genres: , , , ,
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: September 28, 2014
Watch: English Sub


Princess Yona lives a life of luxury and ease, completely sheltered from the problems of the seemingly peaceful Kingdom of Kouka; however, the sudden murder of the king and betrayal of her beloved cousin Su-won places Yona’s life in mortal peril. Forced to escape only with Son Hak, who is both her childhood friend and bodyguard, the naïve princess soon discovers that Kouka is not the idyllic place she envisioned it to be. Poverty, strife, and corruption run rampant, making reclaiming the throne nothing more than a wishful fantasy given the kingdom’s current state.

Based on the popular manga of the same name by Mizuho Kusanagi, [i]Akatsuki no Yona[/i] follows Princess Yona on a coming-of-age adventure as she faces the harsh realities of her kingdom. With only a mysterious legend to guide her, Yona must discover a way to restore Kouka to its former glory while being pursued relentlessly by the forces of the new King of Kouka.